So when my clients book me they always ask where it is that I recommend they shop at. Well, I figured i'd just make it public and tell everyone! Because yes...they are just that awesome. :D

It honestly doesn't get any cuter then this place! They are extremely affordable, super sexy, have sizes that can fit everyone (because not all of my girls are the same size), and carry this black lace Engrid babydoll that is absolutely TO DIE FOR!!! I'm a tad bit biased with this store because I shop here myself. Needless to say, my husband has yet to be disappointed. ;)

Now while Lucy is a bit more on the expensive side, they are the place to go to for Vintage Inspired Lingerie!!!

Need I say more?! The name speaks for itself. Stunning clothing, luscious products, sexy hair!!! I'm getting excited about shopping there just thinking about it. Hurry and book so that we can make your vision come true!

 While Victoria Secret is a great place to shop, they are limited on sizes. And being a plus size girl myself, sometimes I want to be able to walk into a store and find my size so that I can walk out the store with it! Shopping online can get boring sometimes! Plus, they have this ultra sexy Audrina Chemise in a GORGEOUS blue that I would LOVE to see one of my girls wear. Instant love connection was made when I saw it! :D

What the curvy girl wants!!! I was browsing for new affordable places for my ladies to shop at and I found this SUPER AMAZINGLY CUTE, SASSY, AND SEXY place for my curvy girls to buy unbelievably adorable lingerie from!!! I'm in love. And they are doing 20% off right now!!! CHECK THEM OUT LADIES!!!