Why Christian Women Should Have Boudoir Portraits Taken...

I want to take just a few minutes to address what boudoir photography is and why I think Christian women ESPECIALLY should be involved in boudoir photography. 

First, what is boudoir photography? Boudoir (pronounced bood-wah) refers to a woman’s dressing area. This can be a bedroom, vanity, or anything of the like. Specifically, boudoir photography refers to sexy, cute, and tasteful photos that a woman might have taken of herself to give to a special man in her life. Think Victoria’s Secret photos of YOU. 

So, why do them? I once heard a pastor refer to a man’s brain as a Rolodex. A man has thousands of images that he is bombarded with every day. Some good. Some not. Some holy. Some not. And whether he knows it or not, he remembers them. Every so often his Rolodex goes on shuffle and pulls up an image in his mind. These images could even be as old as a Playboy cover he saw years ago. Now, don’t go thinking men are sick. It’s just the way God created them. They are visual.

But, why should Christian couples be interested?

Now I’ll admit that when I got into this business, because of my Christian convictions, one of the things I thought about was, “oh goodness, what if someone from my church finds out that I do this? Will they be offended?” I believe that boudoir photography is best used in the context of marriage. I think any man would be delighted that his wife (or wife-to-be) would think enough of him to give him a gift that takes a lot of courage. Now, remember that Rolodex, ladies, how much better and holier is it if your husband’s brain goes on shuffle and up pops a gorgeous image of you. . . HIS WIFE? He is now thinking of the wonderful woman God blessed him with! What could be more God honoring than that?

Christian ladies, that are getting married. Some of you are (like I was) unfamiliar and intimidated by the thought of being *gasp* sexy. Just the thought of being naked with your husband makes you blush. I remember the feeling. Having a boudoir photography session is a great chance for you to warm up. It’s a safe environment for you to practice being sexy and see that it’s not bad or scary. In fact, I am convinced that if you are scared or nervous, it is all the more reason to do it.

“But what if my body is not in shape?” So what?!? Most ladies will NEVER be in the ideal shape that they want to be. But I bet you that even if you aren’t perfect, your husband will adore the photos. Why? Because it’s you! I had a christian girl say it changed their marriage! You never know what a little sexy confidence can do for your marriage.

Let me also take this a step further, married ladies, when you are in the privacy of your own home with your husband, why do you stay so covered? Why not add even MORE images of you to his file? Why not prance around the bedroom in a piece he hasn’t seen in awhile instead of that old t-shirt? Just saying.

I want to leave you with one last little thing. It’s from the TV show “According to Jim” and the episode called “Cheryl’s Boudoir Photos.”

(Cheryl hands Jim the envelope containing her boudoir photos as a Valentine’s Day gift. He opens it. Pulls a photo out and his eyes get big.)

Cheryl: You think so?
Jim: You know, you could go pro! I mean as a model!
Cheryl: Do you like it?
Jim: Like it? I want to marry it! But I did! [Laughs] I can’t take my eyes off it!
Cheryl: Maybe you can take your eyes off of it for this. [She kisses him.]